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megasun k9s.png


Captivating design & innovative technology leads the way for the top model K9s.

This top of the range bed features SunSphere Pro Facials & SunSphere Shoulders, the integration of special UVB LEDs & Nano Beauty LEDs achieve a 10% better tanning performance. Plus 52 premium bulbs for beautiful tanning results.


Beauty Booster Pro means over 2,000 Beauty LEDs to soothe the face & body.

850 Red Nano LEDs are they key to anti-ageing.

10" Smart Control Screen allows you to tailor your tanning experience.

Air Conditioning, Aqua Cool, Aroma & Wireless Charging.

The brand new bed is in Hamilton Burnbank & Hamilton Palace Grounds salon. A must try for all tanning lovers.



The Luxura Jewel combines new technology and innovative developments to create a spectacular tanning experience. This bed really is the future of tanning.

This bed features full LED facials, shoulder and neck tanners. Along side 10 full length BOS body tanning boosters for high direct pigmentation. The bed is shaped for your comfort with premium bulbs for an exceptional tanning result. Featuring wireless charging, aroma fresh and aqua mist.


The brand new bed is available at Airdrie, Broxburn, Cambuslang, Glenrothes, Hamilton Place Grounds, Kirkintilloch, Kirkcaldy Rosslyn Street & Polmont.

780 2.png


The MegaSun 7800 leads the way with 50 tubes. This bed ensures more performance, leaving you with a golden glow. The whole concept is rounded off by numerous comfort features and the Intelligent Control System, which leaves nothing to be desired for your sunbed session.

The Intelligent Control System lets you choose you tailor your own tanning experience. 

Featuring Aircon, AquaCool, Aroma & Bluetooth.. What's not to love?

Available in Glenrothes, Hamilton Palace Grounds, Kirkintilloch & Kirkcaldy Rosslyn St salon!

ks 7.jpg


This sleek bed is packed with innovative technology. The new megaSun K series by KBL isn’t just an absolute eye-catcher, but also stands out with its many features.

Featuring AirBreeze for ventilation for face and body. Smart Control to personalise your tanning experience. Aqua Cool for refreshment. Plus wireless phone charging and 3D sound bar for music.

Available in Baillieston, Cambuslang, Dundee McAlpine, Dundee Strathmore,  Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy Rosslyn St & Kirkintilloch.


The Luxura VEGAZ is superb in both design and dimensions! Every single detail of this premium product is well considered, newly designed and perfectly amplifies the other details. 

Innovative light technology, breath-taking design and sen- sational quality, that is VEGAZ.

Smart innovations upgraded the well appreciated features, such as Sound-Around with Bluetooth, Climate-Control and IP Control 2. VEGAZ is MEGA, by maximum in terms of size, as well by maximum performance. 

Available in Alloa, Airdrie, Baillieston, Cambuslang, Dundee Strathmore, Dundee Pitkerro, Dundee McAlpine, Hamilton Burnbank, Hamilton Palace Grounds, Kirkcaldy Rosslyn St & Kirkcaldy Nicol St.


Touch-screen technology & a range of amazing features
The outstanding  8000 alpha HybridST can be controlled with a simple touch, just as easily as your smartphone or tablet.

A sunbed of the future
The strength of the new 8000 alpha HybridST is in the cutting-edge technology. From the innovative “intellisun” system, to intelligent pre-selection controls, the KBL8000ST is designed to provide a complete tanning solution for even the most experienced of tanners.


Available in Glenrothes & Hamilton Palace Grounds.


The 6800 Alpha INTELLISUN, A sun bed that cus­tom­izes it­self to every cus­tomer and his or her wishes. The new 6800 Alpha INTELLISUN series im­presses in aes­thetic design, in­con­test­able per­form­ance, and ex­traordin­ary tech­no­logy as well as with the out­stand­ing per­form­ances. The user-friendly dis­play preSelec­tion, on the out­side of the sol­arium´s can­opy provides the pos­sib­il­ity of choos­ing an in­di­vidual set­ting prior to every tan­ning ses­sion. The in­tel­li­gent tan­ning sys­tem in­tel­liSun ap­pears per­fectly to the high de­mands and wishes of the customers.


Luxura X10 clearly is the most sophisticated product within the Luxura range of sunbeds. Its combination of cool design and powerful efficiency offers an extraordinary tanning experience. Luxura X10 comes in the attractive colours Crystal White, Pearl White and Arctic Blue. The special X10 Admoresphere Edition gives an irresistible appeal.


The new alpha deluxe series impress in elegant design combined with powerful elements and outstanding performances. The user-friendly display preSelection, on the outside of the solarium´s canopy provides the possibility of choosing an individual setting prior to every tanning session.

The intelligent tanning system intelliSun appears perfectly to the high demands and wishes of the customers. So simple is tanning nowadays!The six p2 tubes, which are plug in the megaSun7900 alpha deluxe provide the EXTRA of UVB. A perfect tan, essential bio-positive effects caused by Vitamin D, production and the safe feeling of skin gentle tanning are included.

40 powerful Ruby-Collagen-Booster bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin.


X6 tanning booth is the most powerful and advancedvertical unit high pressure ever made. It is the first tanning booth in the world that uses the special hexagon configuration of the six columns, and the only one that can offer an homogeneous tan all over the body, without shadow zones on the shoulder or in the center of the back.

  • The only tanning booth in the world that have an electric movement of the door

  • Exclusive patent no-panic system "PushPanic ®". Columns can be opened any time without electric power simply pushing outward on the columns.

  • Open configuration is ideal for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

         (Only available at our Palace grounds salon)


The new Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high-quality finishing – with no visible fastening materials - emphasizes it’s stylish appearance. Just like the special Ambient FlowLight changes colours smoothly for an attractive glow of light that complements the splendid design. This feature gives the V8 the appearance that fits your salon ambience and cabin perfectly!


The new  megaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0 offers a fantastic combination of exclusive features. It comes with what has not yet been on the world market. MegaSun engineers have developed super-modern devices packed with the latest technology. The main motto is maximum tanning performance, full comfort and safety of customers with minimum energy consumption . They achieved this with an intelligent control system . Maximum power and low power consumption is exactly what they want in any solar studio or salon. MegaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0 delivers the best tanning results

Featuring Bluetooth,Aqua mist and Aroma Fresh

(Only available at our Palace Grounds salon)

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