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Boasting our own brand of Tanning Lotions..

Here at Sun Shack we have developed the ultimate formula for perfect tanning by launching our super line of tanning lotions that you won't find on the high street or at any other tanning salon, check out our full range of accelerators and maximizers here, available to buy in salon and online very soon...

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Xtreme Body Butter

  Xtreme Body Butter Tan Accelerator is perfect for tanning skin that is prone to dryness. This creamy moisturizingbody butter with a special combonation of pure shea butter,hemp seed oil and vitamin E is the perfect way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy with a natural glow. The velvety soft formula absorbs quickly creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture, achieve excellent results with regular use.

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Black Tan

Super-powerful, double-track tanning accelerator. Active synergy of Tyrosine, Thalitan and plant extracts. AquaComfort formula for deep, long-lasting moisturising. Amino acids, slik proteins - protection from excessive skin dehydration - smooth, elastic skin effects. Refreshing fruit aroma

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Super Charged

A luxury product that naturally accelerates the pigmentation process. In this cosmetic, the double tanning activation effect as achieved by the combined action of the Tyrosine and Thalitan. The set of active substances ensures, protection against radicals and renewal of cellular DNA, and maintains the proper moistening of all skin layers/Hydropretectol. Due to the products excellent absorption properties, you do not have to wait long for the results, and when used regularly it gives the skin a new golden brown glow. Effectively smooths the skin. Paraben Free formula.

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Black Gold

Bronzer Black Gold provides beautiful, exotic tan in golden colour. Rich in precious browning ingredients and Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamins. Your Skin will be smooth, moisturised and perfectly tanned. Paraben Free. Dermatological Tested.

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Intensive hybrid bronzer designed for people with dark complexion s and who are already tanned. It provides beautiful, deep and long lasting shade of tan. The complex omega 3-6-9 acids along with co-enzyme Q10 ensure protection against ageing and intensifies skin regeneration processes. The lotion contains rich complex of plant extracts that deeply nourish, revitalise and hydrate the skin. 

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Natural super intense tanning accelerator. Pro-vitamin A is an irreplaceable component of regrowth of epidermis cells, gives anti-ageing effect. Complex of carefully selected natural active ingredients and silk amino acids makes the epidermis smooth and elastic. Recommended for people with dry, sensitive skin and those with high quality expectations. Use regularly for healthy skin with beautiful shade of tan and new energy.

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